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The cleaning section of a kitchen is one of the most important ones when it comes to the safety of the consumers. This section includes dishwasher appliances, sinks and drying areas among many more. If your dishwashers can not handle more than a certain number of dishes per wash, it is important that you have three compartment sinks in your cleaning section. This could help you when your business is flourishing and you have more utensils to clean than your machine can handle. It is important that this section is placed near the entry of the kitchen to ensure that the staff can quickly dump the dirty dishes in the designated spot without having to completely enter the kitchen with dirty used plates, and can grab clean ones immediately. A good functional commercial kitchen requires specific components of a kitchen be organized in a certain layout to provide maximum efficiency and performance. Although most kitchens organize their equipment keeping in mind the theme of their restaurants, the underlying principle is the same in most of them.

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Although when it comes to commercial kitchens, the first thing that comes to mind are screaming chefs and a number of fire grills and fryers. However true that might be, when it comes to kitchen renovation Brooklyn has other things in mind.

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The storage area is another area where food safety plays a big role. It could be of great convenience to split your storage section into non-food, cold storage and dry storage. A lot of new kitchen renovation Brooklyn contracts see customers requiring that the non-food storage be further split into different sections, mainly for disposable utensils, cleaning supplies and clean dishes.

It is important to note that the cleaning supplies and chemicals should not be stored above utensils for safety reasons. A cold storage requires a good refrigeration unit that can cool your food down to such temperatures where food borne illnesses can not survive. It should be able to do that fairly quickly. This appliance could be used to store frozen and refrigerated food.

The dry storage is where you could keep all other non perishable items. You could also receive new stock in this area and use it as a storage until you can sort out the stock.

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The food preparation should have a dedicated sink of its own to wash produce, and should also have dedicated cutting and mixing areas. It is important that the preparation section be split into the non-vegetarian and vegetarian sections if your menu includes those services. There should be a dedicated section for processing raw food and another section for sorting the food into different batches, like chopping and mixing vegetables. This section should be placed near the storage section to allow for the chef to quickly grab the ingredients and other raw materials they might be needing, without wasting a lot of time.

The rest of the kitchen could be the meal cooking area where the final dish is cooked and prepared to be served. This should typically have large appliances like a stove and ovens. You could even break down this section according to the type of cooking being carried out like baking, frying and roasting.

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There could be more layout ideas that may be personalized for your kitchen, to make your kitchen more efficient and beautiful. A good kitchen renovation Brooklyn contractor could give you the right advice.


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